Saturday, August 05, 2006

Saying Hello

Hi everyone, I'm Cora Zane, one of the authors here at Full Moon Fantasies.

First and foremost I'm a wife and stay at home mom, but these days I've been stepping out and testing the publishing waters as a new writer. My first book Crossing Borders was released this year, so I guess it's safe to say I'm just getting my feet wet in the world of writing erotic paranormal romances.

I started out writing comic books - fantasy sagas and horror tales - believe it or not. I did a bit of local, freebie fanzine stories in the early 1990s before going on a very long writing hiatus. Those were fun days. I'd been a paranormal fan for years, and penning and inking my own column was great experience. I think that's where my true love affair with shapeshifters really began - comic books.

When I finally decided to pick up the pen again in 2005, I knew what I wanted to write about... werewolves. Only I wanted these werewolves to be not only fierce but sexy as well. Thus the Werekind Series was born. Crossing Borders, book one of the Werekind Series, is available now at Cobblestone Press.

My newest book, Bonding Experience, is scheduled for release August 18th, 2006! It is book two of the Werekind Series, and is probably the hottest thing I've ever written. Here's the blurb:

When her pack leader issues a mating pact between herself and hotshot werewolf Luke Roman, Claire knows there must be some mistake. She doesn't know Luke very well, but she can't imagine two less compatible people being thrown together.

Luke has loved Claire for years, and he isn't about to let her undo what he's worked so hard to put into effect. When she refuses to discuss the pact arrangements with him even when he follows her home, Luke finds a silk scarf on her dresser and decides to try other, more creative ways of getting Claire's undivided attention.

Bonding Experience was great fun to write. It's completely different from anything I've ever written before. It's more like a classic romance, only with really hot loving. ;) At any rate, I look forward to writing many more Werekind short stories, as well as full length titles in the future. I hope werewolf romance fans will come to know and love these characters as much as I do.



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