Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hurricane Season Contest and Sneak Peak!

Hurricane Iris isn’t the only danger lurking along the Florida coast. Can Quinn keep Celeste safe or is he destined to lose her a second time?

Want to win a free copy of my next release, Hurricane Season, and a $5 gift certificate from Cobblestone Press? Entering for the drawing is easy! Simply join my Google Group and email me the official start and end dates of the Atlantic/Gulf/Caribbean hurricane season at loribellehunt @ (without the spaces). The contest will run May 28-June 25. Good luck!


Hurricane Season
Releasing June 1 from Cobblestone Press

Celeste drove as fast as she safely could in the pelting rain. Hurricane Iris may have been sweeping up the Gulf, but this, the remnants of Hurricane Helga held fast in the Tennessee mountains, unwilling or unable to release the fury of the warm Gulf waters. Irritable and leery of the harsh weather, she rubbed a wadded up T-shirt against the fogging window. What was so important her stepfather insisted she drive from Atlanta to Chattanooga in what looked like Noah's Flood revisited? She sighed. It didn't matter. Her fear of storms was irrelevant in the face of family obligation and need. When the pack alpha called, everyone ran. Including their human sister, Celeste.

Thank God, she was close. She shuddered as small hail began to hit her window and wind rocked the car. How bad must it be down on the Gulf when these storms rolled onto shore? How did anyone stand to hang around and ride that out? She knew a lot of people did—they didn't call them hurricane parties for nothing. If a person could watch from a safe place she could see the appeal in it, had even had a taste of it herself. After all there were few forces on earth more massive, more awe inspiring than a hurricane.

The streetlight illuminating the turn off to her parent's appeared in the gloom, and she sighed in relief. Almost there. Almost safe back in the arms of her family. If she felt some small twinge for something else, some wistful longing of things past, it was only normal with this storm raging around her, right? Once, years ago, a coastal storm like this had brought her small Cessna down, and she'd barely survived the trip to ground. Life hadn't been the same since.

Right. Get over it already, Celeste. If wishes were fishes her mother would say, and she'd be right. All the wishes in the world hadn't done her any good then; it certainly wouldn't change her reality now. She turned down her street and watched for the house lights in the distance. When they appeared she released a pent up sigh of tension, but it was quickly followed by anxiety. What was so important she had to come out now? Had to drive two hours in this nightmare?

Her gaze swept the driveway when she pulled in, mentally noting which car belonged to whom. Her half-brothers, her stepbrothers. The trucks, the SUV's, the odd little compact hybrid that would always stand out. No clan members. Whatever the big ass hurry was, it really was family business.

She grumbled as she parked. They could have at least left her a spot near the door.


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