Thursday, October 19, 2006

5 Hearts for LYCAN INSTINCT!

TRS gives Lycan Instinct 5 Hearts!
Lycan Instinct, my debut full-length novel, available now at Cobblestone Press, received another spectacular review just in time for CP's Octoberfest celebration!
Here's a snippet of what TRS reviewer, Annie, had to say:
"Lycan Instinct... is an exciting debut mystery. I loved the fact that the
lead character is a female homicide detective, and her character is
well-developed so that the reader really can comprehend her motivations. The
male characters are deeply drawn as well. The sensuality is hot without being
over the top, and the author consistently points to possibilities for
forthcoming series installments while still writing a wonderful stand-alone
novel. This one is highly recommended." ~ Annie
If you haven't entered the world of the Lycan Packs, now's your chance!
This CP Best Seller is available now at:

Are you brave enough to enter the world of the Lycan Packs?


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