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Dominant Territory - Coming to Cobblestone Press June 29th

Dominant Territory, coming to Cobblestone Press June 29th!

The moment Libby steps into the Moonlight Run with her girlfriends, she realizes they have made a serious mistake. One look at the clientele and she knows this is no place to have a ladies night out. The backwoods bar is isolated for a very good reason—they cater to local werewolves on the eve of the change.

Drake never thought himself the type to consider a human for a mate. Then Libby shows up and crosses over into Werekind territory. One look at her and his heart is lost. After one dance, he'll stop at nothing to claim her for his own...

Sneak Peek!
Read an excerpt from the book:

“So, this is where you live?” he asked as they tromped up the front steps.

“This is it.”

She pushed through the screen door and held it open for him, welcoming him into her home. His boots thudded on the hardwood floor. The house inside was cool and otherwise quiet, the only sound coming from the birds outside and the electric hum of the refrigerator at the far end. She latched the screen like always, and left the front door open to catch the natural light, which gleamed across the gray, hardwood floors like a fuzzy white stripe.

She stepped aside, letting Drake look around, unable to imagine what he must think or what he could possibly glean from the sparse decoration of her house. The front room had a couch and a television, and a few books on the built-in shelf along the back wall, but nothing else, nothing that hinted at her personality.

She kept the place tidy, but she didn’t own much, hadn’t really focused on fixing it up since moving in, which now that she had company, embarrassed her a little.

“It’s kind of bare,” she said apologetically, and he looked over at her, his gentle gaze warming her as it touched her face.

“You live alone,” he said, then glanced over to the mantle above the fireplace where she kept the pictures of her parents and her friends. “I wondered if you did. Is this your family?”

“That would be them.”

“They live around here?”

“No, not here in Silver. Not anymore. Once dad retired, they sold our old house on Potter Street and moved to Florida.” She sighed. “Looks like I’m the only straggler in the family still hanging around here.”

“I’m glad for your straggling.” With a teasing grin, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

Excitement beat at her. She’d thought she’d never see him again, much less hold him. Now here they were in her den, no friends to scold her for wanting him, no one to stop her from claiming what she knew in her soul she wanted.

She reached out to smooth her hands over the flat lapels of his leather jacket, caressing him as she might’ve caressed his bare skin. He gathered her close, his lips moving expertly against hers in a sweet, yet sensual kiss. His tongue traced the inner edges of her lips then withdrew.

His smoky eyes turned serious. “I’ve thought of nothing but you since I first laid eyes on you.”

“At the bar,” she whispered in acknowledgement, but Drake shook his head.

“On the street with your friends. You were window shopping on the downtown strip that day. It was on the weekend; there was a bike rally going on in town.”

Libby gaped at him in surprise. She knew just what day he was talking about. “That was weeks ago.”

“I know.” He chuckled. “Oh, trust me, I know it…”

He kissed her then, a teasing kiss that left her lips too quickly and trailed to her throat, her collarbone. She sighed and let her eyes slip shut as she tilted her head back, allowing him access.She ran her fingers through his thick hair then trailed the edge of one palm across the faint stubble on his cheek. The abrasion felt amazing, incredibly intimate. He nuzzled her closer, his lips seeking her mouth once again. She kissed him, short, deep kisses that stirred her heart and made her hungry for more.

Her hands drifted lower, sought flesh under the shield of his leather jacket, but the black T-shirt he wore barred her exploration. She slipped her hands under the thin material, but it wasn’t enough. She looked up at him, kissing his chin as she reached up and tugged at the shoulder of his leather jacket. “Why don’t you take this off?”

He pulled back from her without a word, his eyes bright blue, heated, and dangerous looking as he shrugged out of the heavy coat and tossed it on the sofa. While she watched, his black T-shirt went the route of his coat. He grasped it at the hem and tugged it up over his head in one smooth move that revealed his beautifully tan skin and gorgeous ripped abs. She couldn’t stop herself. She lifted her hands and smoothed over the sides, his stomach. His muscles contracted as her fingers brushed through the narrow strip of golden hair trailing down into the top of his jeans, and an aching heaviness nestled low in her abdomen.

He took one of her hands and kissed it, briefly sucking the tip of one finger into his moist mouth. “I showed you mine, angel. Now it’s your turn.”

His expression dared her, tempted her. They were standing in front of the open doorway facing the street, which made his words seem all the more risqué. Exciting. Holding his gaze with hers, she tugged her T-shirt over her head and tossed it away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Dominant Territory ties in with all my previous Werekind stories: Crossing Borders, and Bonding Experience, as well as my freebie short stories Heart on Fire, and Under a Midnight Moon.

Both of my free short stories are available for download in .pdf and .lit formats courtesy of the Midnight Moon Cafe Website!

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