Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lunar Mates Book 5: Christmas Moon

The fifth Lunar Mates book, Christmas Moon will be available on December 21, 2007 from Cobblestone Press! I'm very excited. This is the first menage I've written. :)


Delilah is ready for a major life change and jumps on a job offer in the Appalachian Mountains with her best friend’s employer. The job is available shortly before Christmas and her new employers insist she move in time for the holidays. It’s a dream job with people she likes.
What they didn’t warn her about were the werewolves.

Cain and Abel Williamson take one look at her and know she’s perfect. Her beauty. Her ability to communicate with animals. They’ll do anything to make her theirs, to protect her. But can they save her from the danger stalking the woods?


"I don't think we have a choice, Jackson."

"Yeah, maybe. But I hate bringing in an outsider. It would be different if this woman was from our world."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Abel Williamson leaned against the wall and watched the verbal volleying between his Alpha and Beta. They'd been at it all

morning, and he resisted the urge to grin. As the pack's new Enforcer, witnessing the spectacle was becoming a regular occurrence.

The matter on the table was whether to hire an accountant for the pack or not. No doubt, they needed one. The real dilemma was where to get one. Such a

sensitive position would normally be filled by a were or a were’s mate. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone qualified for the job. So the search had been

extended, a few interviews conducted.

He was in charge of security, and his backgrounds checks had ruled out all the candidates. Save one.

"What do you think, Abel?"

About damned time they asked him. He met his Alpha's gaze and nodded his head.

"She'll do."

Oh yeah, she'd do all right. Probably would work out just fine as the new accountant, too. That was the least of his concerns though. Both men's gazes

sharpened on him. Damn. Something in his tone or his eyes or his bearing must have given away his intent. Maybe he should have stuck with Hunting.

Jackson grinned and leaned back in his chair. "It's like that, is it?"

Abel shrugged. What could he say?

"What does Cain think?" Billy asked.

"He hasn't met her, remember?"

How could he? His twin was still a Hunter. And in the end it didn't matter what his brother thought. You didn't pick your mate. Fate did that for you.

Jackson sighed. "This complicates things. First, she knows nothing about werewolves, and there's no way to bring her here without her discovering us. Then

when she gets here, it'll be to not one but two mates. You'll have to tread very carefully there."

He wasn't so sure. She didn't strike him as the spooks easily type. But he'd been wrong before and had the scars to prove it. Time would tell.

"Summer liked her, and Chloe's known her for years," Billy said. "I'd trust their instincts any day, and they both think she'll be a good addition to the


Jackson nodded again, and Abel recognized the look on his face—a cross between defiance and acceptance. He spoke to Billy. "Make the arrangements. She can

have the old Wilkes cabin." He cast a look at Abel. "Until the other arrangements are made."

Abel squashed his sense of triumph, his Hunter training still ingrained enough that he loathed to reveal his thoughts, his emotions. The conversation

continued, changed, went on to other business. He forced himself to stay still when his body wanted to fidget. To concentrate when his mind wanted to wander.

Finally, it was over, and he was free to leave.

Striding out of the house, he walked around back to the path that led to the old Wilkes' cabin. Billy had given him the key, and he shoved it in the rusty

lock, twisting it till the door gave way, and stepped inside. The rush of air disturbed what looked like a century's worth of dust, and he sneezed through

the swirling dervishes. This wouldn't do at all. As he walked through the small house, a plan formed in his mind, and by the time he left he was smiling.


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